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A variety of airlines offer air transportation services and therefore it's almost impossible to view all of their websites and compare the cost of flight. The resource Hot Dream Travel makes the search for air tickets through the official websites of airways. With the help of this resource you are able not only to find a ticket at an attractive price or a special offer for air travel, but also to book it in advance. The information about rates, flight schedules and availability is received directly from the airline reservation systems. Thus, while searching, you get up-to-the-minute information no matter at what time you make a request. You can buy air tickets for international flights to any direction.

It is quite easy to book the ticket to any part of the world with help of our online system:

The resource provides the most detailed information about chosen flight: departure and arrival time, transfers, flight connecting time. Working with Hot Dream Travel resource allows saving money on flight because you have opportunity to choose among flights of many airlines.

Convenient form of payment from any bank card through electronic payment systems permits you ordering and paying easily for the air ticket. After payment you can get ticket at your e-mail.

There are factors which influence on the air ticket cost: low-cost airlines, charter flights, special offers of airlines and discounts. Low-cost airlines offer their passengers extremely low prices for air tickets by reducing usual air-lines services. For example, they do not offer free drinks and food, baggage limit, the flight is usually direct and short, and some other peculiarities.

You can also save you money buying air tickets for charter flights if there are free tickets. But charter flights have some disadvantages such as impossibility to buy ticket beforehand, time departure can be uncomfortable or changed at the last moment, the level of service is not very high. The tickets are not in a free selling, you can buy them from touristic company that organizes that charter flight.